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What does the Visiting Charges Include?

The visit charges includes a basic check of the machine to understand the problem , the technician visiting your place/office would guide you on the further process and if required he/she would carry the machine to the service center only after your confirmation. Inspection Charges may vary as per the problem being diagnosed.


Can I book the call for holiday or weekend as I am busy other days?

Yes. We are working all days. Your weekends will be our peak days as we value your time and priorities.


How much do I need to pay if my machine is not repairable?

A basic visit charge of Rs 150 applies and that has to be paid to the technician, if for a particular issue the technician is not able to repair, that inspection charge is waived off and only the visit charge of Rs 90 is payable to the technician.


Why are the prices mentioned on the website as indicative prices?

The prices mentioned on the website are indicative prices because of the vast variety of models and brands available in the market. The prices vary according to the condition of the product, brand and the capacity of the model. The best and accurate quotation will be given by our champ after inspection.


How can I specify time, if I am not sure of my availability that time?

No worries. Just let us know your preferred time slot. We will call you 1 hour before to know your availability. It is possible to reschedule call as your time is valuable to us.


Will the service take place on-site or off-site?

Our Handdyman will ensure best efforts to solve the problem on-site. However, if the equipment involves any major repairing that cannot be done on-site, we will, on your approval, have to carry out the repairing work off-site